Baby Dress Blues

yellow dress

I’m just going to be honest. I had thought it was just that I was unfamiliar with the patterns, but no, now I’ve made three and I can tell you–I really dislike making baby dresses. I don’t hate it, so, you know, I wouldn’t dread doing it if someone really needed a baby dress. but I can’t imagine going out of my way to find opportunities to make them, like I do for blankets. I’m glad I did it but I’m not anxious to do it again.

Though, I’m going to ask if they want me to whoop something up for the baby to be baptized in. That I would do and feel good about.

I don’t know. It’s weird. It’s not that much work–maybe just two or three hours a piece, but it feels like a lot of work for something that’s just going to be used a few times. I mean, really, I don’t want the things I make to just be photo props. Or worn one month and then outgrown. (Though, let me also say that, when you consider that you can get a skein of RedHeart yarn for about $3 a piece and I could have gotten, had I just done solid color dresses, at least three dresses per solid color skein, when you consider how fast babies grow, if you had someone willing to knock out crochet baby clothes for you, this is a really inexpensive way to get baby clothes. $1 an outfit is really, really damn good.)

I like making things that get draped over backs of couches or pulled out every winter or thrown over a sleeping dolly or dump truck even after it’s been outgrown.

I’m glad I got this thing cut off. But this was just not the moment in my life when I needed a forced-couch weekend. A lot is going on–stuff that’s big and scary and probably for the best–but I didn’t need a weekend where I had so much time to think about how out of control so many things about my life are right now.

And things will be fine. Hell, who knows? I might have a different attitude about baby dresses in a month, when I’m feeling more clarity about how my life is going to go.

4 thoughts on “Baby Dress Blues

  1. A friend of a friend made a beautiful cardigan for W (seen here at 13 months and here at 18 months) that he was able to wear for two winters. I don’t think I have any pics of him in it last year but he did wear it a few times. Perhaps with sweaters more than dresses, it doesn’t matter if they’re a little big. Another option is for the recipient to wear it like a top later on, as I think you mentioned previously.

    Handmade stuff is so meaningful to me. I have a preemie-sized crocheted hat and pair of booties on a shelf for display in his room so I still get enjoyment out of them. My $0.02. :)

  2. I’m with you entirely, albeit as a knitter.

    I don’t like making baby clothes. Two lovely but unused lacy dresses were my limit.

    I will say that this is a good opportunity for me to evangelise about my recent conversion though.

    I tend to stick to blankets, washcloths and the occasional socks because I like my work to be _lived with_ in a cozy, handy way.

    Lately, though, I’ve been on a toy kick. There’s the extra challenge from working in a strict pattern–the part of dressmaking I enjoyed most–and yet your work still gets _used_.

  3. If it makes you feel bad that the baby only uses it a few times then maybe you can take solace in the idea that it will probably get used by several babies. My wife actually has a lot of that type of special clothing that she gets out every time she does a new baby photo shoot. Mostly crotcheted hats and the like. Some of the stuff has been worn by a dozen babies by now, albiet only for a little while.

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