3 thoughts on “Things I Missed Watching Buffy the First Time Through

  1. Darn it! I’m going to really have to rewatch Buffy.

    Is it just me, or do you find Xander to be a bully? He’s weak so he can’t actively bully much, but I just remember watching the series back when it first aired, and gradually disliking him more and more. It gets real obvious(to me at least) when Spike is chipped.

  2. W. the magic genitals on this show are out of control.

    rheather, I’m surprised to find that I like Riley a lot more this time. The first time, I could not understand what Buffy saw in him. This time I get it.

    And I’m having a similar feeling about Xander. The first time through, I saw him as a complete weird bully. This time, I’m still not liking it, but my feeling is less “Xander’s a bully” than “Wow, they don’t know what to do with Xander.” I mean, Willow was his best friend in high school and they barely interact. In high school, the thing I liked best about Xander was that he’d throw himself into any situation, even if it meant getting his ass kicked. He was almost always putting himself in real danger, because he didn’t have any superhuman powers. Now he seems to want to avoid trouble.

    Is that a weird distinction to make? This time through, my problem with Xander isn’t that I find him a bully, but that I find him so weakly written. I mean, I’ve known some guys who’ve dated ridiculously demanding women they didn’t like and it does do something to them, makes them unpleasant to be around. If that had been how they’d played Xander, let him become more annoying the longer he dated Anya, I could have understood that.

    But, while everyone else gets to be funny and tragic, I feel like they’re taking a dude in an inherently tragic situation–all his friends are moving on without him–and playing it only for laughs. The character has been done wrong by the writing. Which is a shame, because the actor has very sad eyes. He could play the clown with a broken heart.

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