Good Day

Let’s just be honest–rejections suck. Rejections when you’ve had a couple of successes are their own kind of hell, because you sit around wondering if you’re the literary equivalent of Vanilla Ice, who had albums of material to record that he must have thought was as catchy and good as “Ice, Ice Baby” but now he’s on DIY network rehabbing houses. How do you know when its time to put down your keyboard and pick up your hammer?

I don’t know, people. I just don’t know.

Anyway, I got a nice rejection the other day–the kind that’s like “We liked this, but it’s not quite right for us.” This gives you hope that there is some place out there for which it is quite right. Anyway, so then, today I finally got around to sending it out again. And, of course, I reread it before sending it out, just to make sure it didn’t have typos or whole stupid parts or anything.

And I finished it and I liked it! I said, “Yep, that’s a good story.” And I felt good about it.

One thought on “Good Day

  1. Vanilla Ice might be on TV rehabbing houses, but he was smart with his money – he started flipping houses & investing in real estate a while back. Rather than refuse to conform, he was realistic & has made a mint. He’s a pretty smart dude if you ask me.

    Sometimes you have to have rejection to not get sidetracked doing the wrong thing so when the right thing comes along, you’re free to devote the proper amount of time to it.

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