I Thought This Was Fake, But I Guess Not

When this first popped up on the internet, I thought, “There’s no way this is real.” But it seems more and more likely that it’s not.

So, let’s all sit here in stunned silence for a second.

Okay, let’s be frank. Their graphic designer is a double agent, right? Nothing else makes sense. I mean, if you asked me to believe two scenarios–1. Someone working for an anti-gay organization made this and genuinely believed it looked like someone praying; vs. Some poor artistic dude really, really needs a job and this was the one he could get, but he hates their mission so he works from inside to undermine them, and voila we get this.–the first scenario just seems so implausible to me that I can’t even entertain it seriously. It simply must be the second.

2 thoughts on “I Thought This Was Fake, But I Guess Not

  1. We’ve been discussing this on Facebook since yesterday and I’ve come up with a third option–this person is working for them but is deep in the closet and in denial about it, because it goes against their deeply-held religious beliefs. But he (and there’s no way this isn’t a “he” in this situation) has all of this bottled up in his subconscious.

    Either that or a troll job. The Family Research Council was also the group who did the #2M4M hashtag to represent “two million for marriage,” not bothering to research what that really means.

  2. I like the “throwing up in a toilet” variation. That also works for an undercover troll.

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