Financial Annoyance Summer

Weekend One of “Financial Annoyance Summer”–Ha ha ha. I debated calling it “The Summer of Poor-dom,” but honestly, I’ve been poor, and this is not it. This is just feeling financially insecure for a bit. Which is, in part, why I need to stop being a baby about it and just do it. Anyway, I bought groceries on Wednesday and managed to spend nothing else all weekend except for the must-be-spent money on my prescriptions and a Mini Blizzard from the cash I got for an unexpected book sale.

In related new, the Joelton Dairy Queen now has fried cheese curds. Because Joelton is in Wisconsin now? What the fuck, people? The girl behind the counter was like “I don’t know what those are.” And I was like, “Yeah, because this is Tennessee.”

I’m still getting a feel for how much food I need in the house at any given time, if I can’t just be all like “Oh, fuck it. I’ll stop and pick up Chinese on the way home.”

Anyway, I think Weekend One of “Financial Annoyance Summer” went fine. I saw a bunch of people and got almost all my errands ran and all my chores done. The dog and I got to the park and then the Professor came over and we were hanging out in the back yard, the Professor cleaning some pots, me spraying the dog with the hose and the dog with a huge smile on her face, lopping off to go roll in the dry grass, and I thought, “For better or for worse, it’s not always going to be like this.”

And I was happy and sad at the same time.

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