The Lottery Dream

When the Butcher and I were very poor, we used to drive around and talk about what we would do with all our money when we won the lottery. And there have been times when I’ve realized that someone is talking to me not about some real scheme for getting ahead in life, but that he is, indeed, sharing his lottery dream, without realizing it.

It goes without saying that, if I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is hire an accountant and a tax attorney. But then, I’ve decided that I’d buy the empty field around back on Lloyd and build a replica of Ben & Sue Allen’s house, because it’s ridiculous and it delights me, the thought of it.

I’d set up a trust for my brothers and nephews, something that would pay them, but that they couldn’t burn through.

Would I keep working? That I’m not sure about. I really like my job and I’m not sure what I’d do around the house all day. But it would also be fun to travel all I wanted.