The Blunt Pig

Oh, you guys, I am so happy. I’ve been looking for a fairytale that might be unfamiliar to us, but that would be known to Sue Allen, something with a refrain that Inanna could use as she knocked on her sister’s doors. And I found tell of a rumor that Joel Chandler Harris had a version of The Three Little Pigs where the wolf, instead of saying, “Little Pig, little pig, let me in. Or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in,” says, “If you’ll open the door and let me in, I’ll warm my hands and go home again.” So, I gave that to Inanaa to say, but I really wanted to read the whole story.

This very evening, I found a version of it that says it’s from Harris’s version in Google Books. It’s awesome. It could be a little more awesome, so I had William tell it to Moll, but in his version, there are ghost pigs.

It’s strange. I feel better about the Sue Allen project than I have in ages, but I also feel like I’ve set myself this task where I’m trying to show both the importance of stories–to give you a framework for understanding your life and a link to the past and stuff–and the danger of deciding you’d rather live in some bullshit made-up stuff.

But what the fuck? Can you balance Inanna and the three/four little pigs? I mean, can I? Why is William just running around telling stories all the damn time? It’s my book, why can’t I answer that question? Ha ha ha.

Folks, I don’t know. This story is weird as fuck and just getting weirder.

But anyway, back to the blunt pig. I’m assuming blunt and runt must have similar meanings or did at some point? Otherwise, I have no idea what a blunt pig is.

3 thoughts on “The Blunt Pig

  1. I think that, based on the story, it may just have to do with him actually being blunt–the one pig who’s like “Hell yes, I’m afraid of the wolf.” But that disappoints me.

  2. And also, let me just say that the wierder the Ben and Sue story gets the more entrancing it sounds.

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