I Lived

I went grocery shopping and made a baptismal dress for the pending baby and am working on another baby blanket, like the one the pending mom admired when she was here. I made myself dinner and then slept for ten hours. So, I didn’t get up early and go get the oil changed.

The orange cat killed the mockingbird. It was inevitable, as the mockingbird had gotten quite daring in how willing it was to swoop right down upon the cats and divebomb them. Lesson one in being a bird: don’t get so close that the cat can catch you.

Today I’m cleaning the house. Then having company.

And tomorrow I’ll get the oil changed. One way or another, I think I’m about done moping.


3 thoughts on “I Lived

  1. I’m stunned about the mockingbird. Rather sad actually, even if the poor orange cat had no other choice.

  2. Oh, it’s worse. Now the rest of the mockingbirds are PISSED. Mrs. Wigglebottom got divebombed yesterday and last evening one came to the door to tweet menacingly. The orange cat may have started some kind of mafia-esque feud.

  3. Maybe it’s always been a group that took turns? And that one was the risk taker. I’m sorta impressed that they are not cowering even though they are clearly the inferior species – and you and your animals can go indoors. Still, I’d prefer no more bloodshed.

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