A Little Panic

I made the mistake of looking at my checking account this morning and deciding that I simply can’t do it. I panicked and cried and then went and walked the dog and cleared my head.

It will be fine. It’s just going to be tight for a while. Very, very tight.

But I’m frustrated that I can’t get myself to believe it.. “Look here, brain,” I say, showing the numbers. And my brain still screams “NoOOOOo! We are in big trouble.”

It’s weird. I just keep telling myself, “I’m halfway through July. I just need to make it to the end of July and see that it can be done.”

But I’m actually just a fourth of the way through July. Still, it can be done.

In other news, I’ve started something for October for around here. I’m feeling ugh about Sue. And I’m not sure why. We’re back to the “go out to the farm, find out the plan, thwart the plan,” which should go easy enough, but I think I’m just putting the stress I feel about life onto the writing.

Not good. So, I’m glad to be distracted a little.

4 thoughts on “A Little Panic

  1. For what it’s worth — I am very experienced in budgeting, like the good kind of budgeting, not the evil bad “you can’t buy anything ever!” kind of budgeting. I’d be happy to get together with you over Skype or something and help you draft up a budget so you have some real solid numbers in front of you!

    There’s also the fabulous You Need A Budget app (which I use), but you don’t need it. A spreadsheet, or even just pen and paper, work just fine. I would recommend, though, that you take a look at the free videos and resources on the You Need A Budget website even if you don’t buy their product. They have a different approach to budgeting that I find a lot more valuable and positive than the normal style of budgeting.

  2. Min, I don’t have a lot of stuff I don’t need after last summer’s adventure.

    Really, it is going to be fine. I just need to vent and be scared a little. I mean, all my bills are paid. I’m not behind on anything. I just need my heart to believe my head.

    And I really, really appreciate all your all kindnesses.

    Lora, I’d love that.

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