Buck Commander

I’m so bummed this is a real thing. I had imagined that one day we’d turn on “Duck Dynasty” and, instead, get “Buck Dynasty,” which would be a reality show about what happens at the other end of the warehouse. There, we’d see, the heretofore never-seen or mentioned Robertson sisters would sit around making deer calls and being sassy.

And now my dream is ruined.

4 thoughts on “Buck Commander

  1. Now, I wonder if they’d pray to Satan at the end of every episode, but not be obnoxious about it. Then we’d all be like “Whoa. Whoa. No wonder we’ve never seen them on ‘Duck Dynasty.'” I mean, that would make joint appearances really awkward.

  2. I’m from the Deep South and I don’t get it either. I mean, they’re nice people, but I can’t get past half an episode.

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