Project X Places

One thing I have to do before the big artist meeting is to pull together some photos of all the people and places in the book. I don’t have to do this. I should say that I really, really want to do this. Hence my driving around in the rain on Saturday.

I’m excited and nervous about this.

I’m also excited about getting back to the TSLA, where Tom Wood tells me I can now search the archives of all of the 19th century Nashville papers. I’m drooling in my mouth a little to see what I can find.

I guess, obviously, I’m drooling in my mouth. Drooling from one’s elbow, say, would probably be a medical condition.

2 thoughts on “Project X Places

  1. I can’t wait. Tom sent me two pieces to whet my appetite and one was Ben’s Gallatin relative, Benjamin Franklin Allen doing some important-dude stuff. The other was a note from my Ben up in Wisconsin, traveling with Sue and Sue’s sister, and then going hunting and fishing while they went shopping. It was as charming and ridiculous as I thought/hoped he’d be.

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