Surprises from The Red-Headed Kid

The Red-Headed Kid came by yesterday to mow my lawn, after we broke the gas can trying to figure out how to undo the child-proof nozzle. It is indeed child-proof. Good job, gas-can manufacturers. It’s now also broken and useless. Oops. Glad there was another gas can then.

Anyway, he started mowing and I went to work. Then like at 1:30, he called to say he was done mowing and that he’d run the dog out and was now leaving. And I was like “Christ Jesus, did it take him five hours to mow the lawn?” Because I’m not sure I want to spend five hours on a lawnmower should the task ever fall to me.

But I came home and found he’d eaten a pork chop (but not any asparagus, which is his loss), left a bunch of Gatorade in the dining room, watched some TV and, I’m guessing by the towel in the bathroom, taken a shower.

All things that are fine. And he is more than welcome to do any of those things in my house as often as he wants. Hell, especially if he’s going to mow my lawn for nothing.

But it still startled me when I got home, to see all this evidence of someone else, going about his ordinary day in the house, coming and going, and doing things.

It made me miss the Butcher.

But the best part was how happy it made the dog. From her perspective, she had a visitor. The Red-Headed Kid appeared when no one else was home, and hung out with her, and then left. And she was exhausted when I got home, but happy, and that made me happy.

3 thoughts on “Surprises from The Red-Headed Kid

  1. Following the directions, we managed to break the nozzle in two and lose a spring (?!). I can’t even begin to imagine what the spring was for, or how it would have worked, had we not broken it.

  2. So you’re saying that the Red-Headed Kid is sort of a house elf (or, I guess, a yard elf): you leave a pork chop for him and your grass gets mowed. Can he be sure that your flowers will be all pretty, and your roses won’t get the canker?

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