I May Be Wrong, but I’m Not Alone

From the Orlando Weekly:

But it isn’t B37’s mere desire to cash in on the trial that raises eyebrows: It’s how soon she may have started.  According to mediabistro, Martin, the literary agent, claimed that B37 had been referred to her “by a high ranking producer at one of the morning shows.” That means the juror would have to have established a relationship with a national morning-TV producer, asked said producer to recommend an agent, contacted Martin, and agreed to a deal with her – all within a single Sunday.

That timeline doesn’t appear to make very much sense. Instead, it’s all but certain that B37 or someone acting on her behalf had started testing the waters earlier – i.e., while the jury was still hammering out its verdict, or even before. Martin’s initial announcement of the deal stated that B37 would be co-authoring the book with her husband, an attorney. What role did he play in the negotiations, and why didn’t Anderson Cooper think to ask about any of this when he interviewed the juror for the Monday edition of his CNN program, Anderson Cooper 360?

Project X: Some More Thoughts on Yesterday

One of the things I find so intimidating/exciting is that, in some ways, these folks are like me–creative and really interested in their craft. But that “in their craft” part covers so much ground I just know nothing about. To hear them talking about why they’re interested in making their own paper–because the paper has such an important effect on how the ink will look–just blew my mind. I mean, obviously, that’s true. But it hadn’t occurred to me that people would take the time to figure out how to manipulate that. And yet, of course, they must.

It just felt like, wow, these are brilliant people who know so much about what they’re doing. So, I kept saying “I don’t have any set expectations about what the art might look like” because I just felt surrounded by people who would have so many better ideas than I could possibly have.

I can’t wait to see what they start to come up with.