Emergency Skarsgards

If you’re having a day full of things you have ambiguous feelings about, in the middle of a month full of ambiguous feelings, because this is the year of things you have mixed feelings about, or, in case you just need it, here are all of the Skarsgard siblings in one picture.

Imagine all of them taking good American jobs looking at our werewolves!!! Or just imagine owning some stripy socks like that.

Look at it whenever you need.

3 thoughts on “Emergency Skarsgards

  1. I wish we had the backstory on that picture. “Ok everybody, we’re all in the same place, let’s get a nice family photo…WTF, Alex!”

  2. I love that the smallest Skarsgards look so happy. You know there’s some kind of general silliness if the little kids are giggling.

  3. Stellan has a predilection for sons, doesn’t he? And the little kids are probably giggling at Alex.

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