Mrs. Wigglebottom Still Has a Wiggly Bottom

Whatever thing is blooming that has my allergies going haywire also has poor Mrs. Wigglebottom all congested. It’s terrible. She’s just a snotty mess. I gave her a Benadryl to dry her up, which resulted in her pacing around all night, wanting to be up in my bed, not wanting to be in my bed, wanting to stand outside, not wanting to stand outside, whining and panting incessantly, and just acting like a dazed idiot.

Finally, she fell asleep out here in the living room. But now I’m the bad guy for taking her for a walk this morning anyway. But I need her to sleep through the night.

Still, it’s funny. She walks so slowly that it’s literally hard for me to keep pace with her. I feel like I’m learning to mosey or something. If there’s any benefit to walking incredibly slowly, I guess I’m going to learn it.

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