That’s Not What Little Girls Are Made Of!

A number of you are fired for not telling me about this… and I’m going to apologize ahead of time for this pun, but I cannot resist… cockamamie theory that Eve was not made out of Adam’s rib but his, you know, “rib.”

From here:

The authors then continue to support their argument with alternate translations of the Hebrew word for “rib” (which they say could mean “support beam”) and claim the raphe of the human male scrotum is what Genesis 2:21 is referring to when it says “The Lord God closed up the flesh.”

I have been laughing all afternoon at the idea of a woman being formed out of a baculum. Thanks for passing it along, Rachel. The post, not the baculum. Though, it would be cool to have Adam’s baculum. I wonder if that would be considered a relic of Adam or Eve? I wonder if Adam and eve are even saints? (The internet says ‘no.’)


2 thoughts on “That’s Not What Little Girls Are Made Of!

  1. What I can’t quite wrap my brain around is using evolution to prove a creationist point.
    It’s just too much ‘one of these things is not like the other one’.

  2. I have to think, too, that if “rib” were a pun on “baculum” in Hebrew or, really, any middle Eastern language, some Jewish comic would have made a joke about that 1,500 years ago.

    But I’m not surprised by the “using evolution to prove a creationist point” thing. That seems like a hilarious, human thing to do.

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