The McMahons

The Redheaded Kid brought me dinner and then we watched wrestling and shot the shit for a while. He’s taken up dipping, on top of smoking, which I find alarming, but also, damn it, I could have had the perfect birthday present for him. I mean, obviously, the next step is for the dude to just make himself some tobacco tea and drink it straight and I totally would have put some loose tobacco into some teabags for him.

I don’t watch wrestling regularly anymore, because the answer to the question “Whatever happened to [x]?” where [x] is some wrestler I used to like but haven’t heard of in a while is “[X] is dead.” And I have a hard time watching these folks do their thing knowing that the near future for a lot of them–these young, athletic people–is “[X] is dead.”

But we watched last night because there was nothing else on. And two things struck me–one, ugh, the writing for the women’s division still sucks. We watched a tag team match with only one woman who had any talent–which, you know, fine. It’s not like Kevin Nash is a great wrestler.–but she also was the only one with any charisma–which is why Kevin Nash had the career he did. And again, fine. Lots of wrestlers suck painfully in this regard as well. But then give them a match that a.) matches up to their abilities and b.) gives the fans someone to cheer for. They have people on staff who could write better matches in their sleep. Get them sleeping and fix this mess.

But the other thing is that the McMahons are Republicans. And yet, you know they have to keep their finger on the pulse of what their audience wants and sell it to them. And they sell a jingoist patriot as a bad guy. Holy shit.

It seems to me that this might be a fundamental problem for the Republican Party. But one they should keep a close eye on. Right now, yes, the people they want to vote for them love to boo the people who make up their base. So, those two groups aren’t coming together. But if there’s any way to make people cheer for someone who hates them, the McMahons will figure it out.