Did We Talk About This?

I can’t remember if we discussed my problem with old women wanting to grope me? But basically, I am an old woman magnet and they can’t keep their hands off me. They want to pet my arms and touch my butt and give me squeezes. Which would not be alarming if they were old women I knew or old women I wanted to sleep with.

But old women I know don’t seem to have this urge.

No, it’s strangers. Stranger old women who want to squeeze and rub me.

And so, last night, the Professor’s neighbor came over to say goodbye and she caressed my lower back and then tried to hold my hand. And I don’t quite know how to explain it, because, while it is obviously very sensual, it’s not sexual. I mean, I didn’t shout, “Stop, strange old woman!” at the Professor’s neighbor and it didn’t lead to smooches or anything.

But you know how, when you meet a really soft kitten? And you just can’t help yourself from reaching over and touching that kitten?

I am that kitten to some old women.

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