Bwah ha ha

Oh lord, people, this October just gets weirder and weirder. Because, honestly, I don’t have thirty-one stories on short notice about witches. I needed to start this three months ago! We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel… er… cauldron as it were here.

But I’m amusing the shit out of myself, so I’m hoping there are a few in there that you like, too.

Coke Marinade

It was fantastic. It did make the meat really tender and it mixed really well with the spices and it gave the meat a nice taste that wasn’t too sweet at all. And it did, when I first threw it in the pan, smell a little like a Chinese dish, so that made me wonder how many more Chinese restaurants, on top of the one where the waiter told me, use it as a tenderizing trick.

But I have to say, I was most surprised by how much it seemed to accentuate and compliment the garlic and chili powder. I didn’t use more of those two spices than the cumin or black pepper, but I could really taste them. Not in an overpowering way, but just like something in the Coke really brought those flavors to the forefront.

Anyway, I highly recommend it. The only thing I would warn you about, though is that, if you get a little of the marinade in your pan, it will foam up when it gets hot in a kind of alarming fashion.

Wild Men

Here’s the article. Here’s the photos.

There’s a book that is a collection of these that one of you recommended to me and I tried to buy it, but Amazon couldn’t get it for me. It’s hard to articulate how these make me feel. I look at them and I feel like something is working on my brain right below a level I’m used to feeling my brain firing on.

But I feel really drawn to them, like I’m seeing something that means something to me, only I never knew it.

Vinegar Vs. Coke

I’m making fajitas for dinner, but due to shopping at the Bordeaux Kroger, I couldn’t find a nice cheap steak to cut into my own strips and was force to buy “stir fry meat.” Which is expensive and always chewy. So, I am marinating it. In Coke. Which is something a waiter at a Chinese restaurant once told me is a good way to break down the connective tissue in meat you plan on cooking hot and fast.

So, I’m trying that.

But my check-out clerk told me she always uses vinegar and water.

I can’t quite decide which is less troubling to me. I mean, we’ll see how the Coke goes. I feel like I’m just coating my meat in sugar? Like, “meat, but more like candy.” But I have concerns that the vinegar would give my meat a slight pickly taste?


It was a good weekend right when I needed it. In a way, I feel like things are so weird because things are changing. Not the changes I know about, but it just feels like there are also some big shifts going on below the surface, larger forces moving around. And who knows how those things will work out.

But then the weather is like this and it reminds me that fall is coming and I feel better. The world turns. Things come around again. We’re always spinning.