October Things

1. Y’all better be getting your witches on. Stories, photos, anecdotes, art projects–if you want to put it in front of the eyes of Tiny Cat Pants readers, Tiny Cat Pants readers will be happy to put our eyeballs on it.

2. I’ve been invited to do one of East Side Story’s East Side Storytelling things on October 15. The venue and the musical act are a mystery to me, but put it on your calendar. I’ll be reading a little from A City of Ghosts and a little from Project X. And then the mystery act will perform some mysterious music. I’m hoping it’s Rob Zombie, but I don’t think we could get so lucky.

3. A City of Ghosts is also the October Book Club book. So, that’s pretty awesome. People when you read that stuff here, did you ever think “Wow, we’ll be hearing about this for the next four years?” Ha ha ha.

And I think that’s it.

Valerie June Victory

My co-worker knows all the cool music before it’s cool. But she hadn’t yet heard of Valerie June. So, I just sent her a bunch of Youtube links.

Victory is mine!

I’m Sure Obama is Crushed

Aside from the fact that 40% of the money in our state budget comes from the Federal government, if we’re trying to argue that Tennessee is somehow better off without the Feds involved, the way to do it is not to send a note to the President inviting him to “visist [sic] a few historial [sic], natural attractions like Ruby Falls, a true Chattanooga treasure” while he’s in town “celebrting [sic].”

My god, can we not even be petulant assholes competently?

From the Times-Free Press story:

Tennessee has attracted thousands of jobs during the Great Recession through a combination of business-friendly policies and strong tax incentives, but the state’s education system consistently ranks near the bottom of the pack.

Fewer than half of Hamilton County students in grades 3 through 8 can read at their grade level, according to standardized test results.