Is the Red-Headed Kid an Old-Fashioned Brownie?

NM brought it up and I feel like she might be right. The Red-Headed Kid could be a brownie. Not a baby Girl Scout, but a house elf.

Today, in the middle of the day, he came over, convinced the dog to shit, did my dishes, and cleaned the living room.

Why did he do these things? I don’t know. But it’s pretty damn awesome.


6 thoughts on “Is the Red-Headed Kid an Old-Fashioned Brownie?

  1. Have you tried leaving your cobbler’s tools and a bit of leather out for him, just to see what will happen? I’m not assuming anything, I just think it’s worth investigating….

  2. I don’t know how far it’s safe to deviate from tradition in this matter. I guess it will just have to remain a mystery.

  3. Well, whatever you do, just leave out new milk and never thank him. In case he’s a brownie. Of course, if he’s not….

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