New Kitty is So Weird


Sorry this is so blurry, but it’s hard to catch her at some of her weirdness. Here she is sitting in a puddle. Yes, in the shallow end, but she’s just sitting away in the puddle. One of my friends, on Twitter, says this is pretty typical behavior for a Maine Coon. Except that she’s so tiny. I mean, she’s smaller than the tiny cat was. Ask anyone who’s ever petted her. But she looks like a Maine Coon in many other respects–the furry toes, the rectangle body, the raccoon-like tail, the vocalizations.

I like to think that someone has a Bonsai Maine Coon breeding program here in town and she’s just an escapee.


2 thoughts on “New Kitty is So Weird

  1. Maybe her mom or grandma was a Maine Coon, or part Maine Coon, and she inherited the endearing traits but not the holy-shit-that-cat-is-large trait! Best of both worlds. Does she have the lynx tips on her ears? That’s how you can really tell if she’s close to being full Maine Coon.

  2. She’s missing the tip of one of her ears, but, if the other one is whole, then, no, she doesn’t. Why, you may ask, does my cat not have the top of one of her ears? I don’t know. She came that way. It’s not really noticeable unless you look, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

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