Old Hag

Yes, I am jealous a little of the Butcher’s ability to remember lots of things. And of his ability to tell how a movie or tv show will end five minutes from the beginning.

But never have I been as jealous as I am upon learning that the Old Hag regularly rides him.

How is this something you fail to mention to your sister who loves creepy things until today?

Anyway, he was napping at a friend’s house, waiting for the air conditioner repair man to show up when he realized someone was in the room with him. He attempted to get up and show the “repair man” where he needed to go, but he could not, because he was paralyzed.



3 thoughts on “Old Hag

  1. this happens to me, I think. but I call it part of the night terrors I experience if I get too hot when I sleep. I’ll be lucid dreaming & try to wake up to end the nightmare but I can’t open my eyes & I’m paralyzed. it’s pretty awful – it messes with me all day when it happens.

  2. I didn’t know that was the Old Hag keeping me asleep/paralyzed when I’m already asleep. It ranges from being annoying to being frightening for me. I’m glad it’s not more.
    I’m going to try my google-fu and find out more on this….

  3. In worst case scenarios, it can feel like someone is sitting on your chest, but the Butcher says he hasn’t experienced that, just the sensation of someone being in the room with him and he can’t get up or move. What I thought was most interesting is that he said he was trying to explain to the “guy” that he just needed to wake up and then he could show him around the house. So, at some level, he knew he was asleep, even as he was experiencing it as being awake.

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