Dr. Parnassus blah blah blah

We watched that Dr. Parnassus movie which started out so intriguingly and then kind of petered out into nonsense. Beautiful nonsense, but still nonsense. I was trying to decide if it would have been better had Ledger lived, but the truth is that it called for such a weird change of Tony’s character from scamp to evil-doer that I don’t think so. How could anyone make that work?

Still, I can’t stop thinking about it. It was so beautiful and just the right kind of strange.


One thought on “Dr. Parnassus blah blah blah

  1. We’ll never know the movie it was intended to be. My reaction was about the same as yours. Some Gilliam movies are pure weird delight and others merely have moments when you see around the mess it became to the beautiful and strange movie it wanted to be.

    Have you seen Lost in La Mancha? Amazing doc about another project during which the star died! Gives a lot of insight about all the ways these things go wrong.

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