4 thoughts on “There is a God of Politics and She Loves Me

  1. Not just lost. Travis tactically screwed the pooch by remaining when commanded by his superior officers to withdraw from the position and got all his troops killed, triggering a panicked exodus in the rest of the population known as the “Runaway Scrape.” It’s one of the biggest fuckups in US military history. This ought to be one awesome campaign.

  2. Bridgett, don’t let the people that run the Alamo hear you say such a thing. Everyone there were heroes and saints.
    And no mention of oozing crotch wounds in Saint Travis either, Aunt B.

  3. He will be the perfect SenTator; a representative of the unedukated teabaggng gunnutt inbred rednekks of Tennessey
    You did notice the mis-spelling; right?

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