It’s Like I’m on Vacation

Today I laughed with the Butcher, read No Regrets, Coyote which is magnificent, if confusing. Fair warning, there’s an adorable kitten and a charming hobo and one of them does not make it through the book alive.

Then I rewrote some of the Ben & Sue thing and reread and edited my contribution to an October full of witches.

My feelings about October continue to be “Woo!” They’re not all great. But there are some really, really good ones in there. And the ones that don’t quite work still charm me in their own ways.

I’m feeling kind of frustrated with the Ben & Sue project. I feel like it started here: _ and I’ve raised it to here: — but I want it to be here: ~ and I’m not sure what to do to get it up there. I guess, if I’m following the example of the Mortal Instrument books, I need to go put some more smells in. I think I may read through it one more time, incorporate those edits, and give it to nm to look at and see what she thinks.

I also don’t have a good title.

But I’m feeling like I had an awesomely productive day in which I did nothing but things that are fun for me.