A Tiny Writing Conference

I’m trying to decide if this would be worth my time.

3 thoughts on “A Tiny Writing Conference

  1. Probably not a waste of time, or not a large one at least.

    Writing, much creating, is a solitary isolated activity. Accept that it is also not. We often benefit from being around others doing – struggling with – similar things. Sometimes little concrete or direct comes out of these things. But often the energy and inspiration or motivation that comes is so worthwhile. Or that little spark of an idea generated by an off-hand comment makes the difference.

    This would be you being an audience, not having one. And I do think that you need a good audience right now more than you need to be one. But I also think you need a larger community of writers and so maybe that’s what’s good here – just interacting with others, networking of sorts.

    Well, that would be what would really be ideal – formal networking with official people who publish rather than just get published – but that’s even harder to come by. So maybe just seeing what and who the Writer’s Loft is all about is worth the day.

  2. It might be a nice networking opportunity, as the Professor says. And it doesn’t cost all that much. I don’t know what you’ll learn from the presentations, since there’s no workshopping or anything like that, but you might pick up a few rules that probably won’t apply to you anyway. But you can have fun breaking them.

  3. I’d go with you. It looks like a fun way to spend a day and get recharged. I always get more out of conferences just from interacting with other writers than I do from the speakers.

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