No Cow Tipping?!

I have tried it and always failed, but I figured it was because I wasn’t particularly sneaky. Apparently not.

4 thoughts on “No Cow Tipping?!

  1. Cow tipping for us was an excuse to drink and walk around outdoors in the dark. The city kids at college wanted to have an “authentic” rural experience and so we marched them around for a while and pointed them at some cows and then laughed when they couldn’t do it…

  2. Like I said, we went out to try it, but we never got close enough to them to be able to tip them. We did figure out that one of our friend’s dad’s cows would come when you sang to them, so you could hide them way in the back part of the field when they should have been up near the barn and our friend would have to go out and tromp around looking for them. So, we were those kinds of assholes.

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