You know I’m kind of fascinated by my dad’s grandma, Ina Mae. Part of it is that every story I hear of her makes her seem like a miserable old cuss. My dad thinks she may have been a professional mourner. The only thing my grandma ever told me about her (she would have been my grandma’s mother-in-law) was that she had a “fiery temper.” And yet, it was her helpful naming of her children with a bunch of family names that helped me track down so many folks.

Once, I had a dream about her. All she said was “look at my grandma.” That, so far, hasn’t led anywhere. But I trust the dead. For the most part.

Anyway, there she is in the middle–smiling. I know of no other picture of her not looking like a stern German man. But here? You can kind of believe she was happy some times. That’s her brother, Ernie, next to her.

I posted other photos of my people over at Facebook, if you’re curious.