I’m tired of people who hate New York and Washington slobbering all over those cities today.

I cannot stand that conservatives can’t just be content to hate Obama, but that they have to say things that, if anyone took them seriously about, would result in his death. And yet, if something happens, they’ll all act shocked. I loathe it. How unseriously they take what they say.

3 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. I mean, I’m not that interested in respect for authority, either. For me, it comes down to this–if Obama were actually actively supporting terrorists who are still plotting against us, he should not be President. He should be removed from the Presidency.

    Now, I think Ron Ramsey is full of shit and overly simplifying things here. I also think that Obama is a fine president.

    My point, though, is that if you didn’t think Ramsey was full of shit, if you really thought that the U.S. was in that kind of grave danger, and you saw that Congress wasn’t acting, you’d be under a moral obligation to act.

    And I just refuse to believe that Ron Ramsey doesn’t know that. Ron Ramsey has a fucking moral obligation to not give credence to conspiracy theories that would, if true, call for the President’s assassination.

    Which leads me to believe that Ron Ramsey is an immoral asshole who’s done something monstrous today. And he’s going to be very lucky if it doesn’t blow up in his face.

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