Well, Here’s the Bad News

In my fantasy world, if you pick up and move an unconscious woman for any other reason but to aid her, you’re kidnapping her. If you pick her up from a crime scene and move her to some place that is not a crime scene in order to give her or the authorities the impression that she was never at the crime scene, you’d be kidnapping her and being an accessory to the crimes being committed against her. In my fantasy world, if you touched a passed out woman for any reason other than to offer HER assistance after you knew she’d been sexually assaulted, there’d be some kind of lesser assault charge you’d be guilty of.

In the real world, apparently it’s perfectly legal to move an unconscious woman around. The misdemeanor crime is in deleting picture or video evidence of her rape.

But just moving her? You still get to be quarterback.

Also, Hal Hardin? “One of the most difficult things that any person can go through is to be the victim of rumors, unfounded rumors, and know that you’re innocent.”? Try being raped by guys you thought were your friends, you jackass. Just shut the fuck up about “difficult.” God damn. What the fuck is wrong with people?

2 thoughts on “Well, Here’s the Bad News

  1. This part is the key: “after you knew she’d been sexually assaulted.” I have to conclude that C-S et al., witnesses for the prosecution, didn’t know that. If there was any reason at all to think they DID know that, they would already have been charged. As terrible as it is, I think C-S and Dillon thought they were helping a teammate’s girlfriend get back into her boyfriend’s bed after having too much to drink (and I make zero insinuations that having too much to drink, intentionally or not, has any reflection on her character; she is in no way complicit in the horrific crime she’s a victim of). And it is terrible. It’s horrific. It defies comprehension. But I still have to conclude, logically, that if the prosecutor had any reason to believe that CS and Dillon knew what had happened and participated anyway, that he wouldn’t have slammed down a criminal conspiracy charge that instant. This just doesn’t read to me as a grand jury not having enough evidence to indict them. I think they didn’t know.

  2. Emmy Lou, I wish I had the confidence you do. But Boyd admitted to not just deleting pictures, but helping to orchestrate the cover up of the crime, and look what they let him plead to.

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