Your Weekly Witch Reminder

Just two weeks until the witches start rolling out and, no pressure, but my first twelve or so su–uuu–uuuhhhhck. They suck so much that, when you read them, all you will be able to think of is Vampire Bill saying “Suck-ee.” And then your mind will wander to Vampire Eric, maybe naked, maybe shouting about crocodiles.

That’s how we’re going to get through the first twelve or so days of October–either you send me interesting shit about witches or you read something not that great and think of Eric and hope he can erase the suckiness from your brain.

But, of course, you have until the end of October to participate, so, if you read something particularly sucky and you think, “Well, if she’d only done this or that, it wouldn’t have been so bad,” do this or that!