Almost to Sleep

I should go to bed, but I like the quiet of the house. I have to figure out how to build in some more quiet time. I’ve made a tentative list in my head of things I’d like to do. I want to move the day lilies out of the yard. I want to make an afghan for one of my friends who has fucked her leg and to make one for my coworker’s kid. I want to finish the edits on Ben & Sue. I want to send back out the two stories I have on the market. I want to contact the editor of the anthology that is never happening and ask for “Sarah Clark” back so that I can shop it around some.

And, weirdly, I think that’s it.

Keep my head down. Wait for the funk to pass. Continue to wait for the funk to pass, I guess. It’s funny. I feel like this funk is the mental equivalent of a summer cold–something is wrong, but you just have to live with it until its had its way through you.

I’m wrong about October not picking up until the 12th. I forgot that “The Witch Who Ends the World” comes earlier than that. And it may be my favorite story of the whole bunch. Not the best, but my favorite.


I overslept my alarm by an hour and I haven’t gotten situated in my day since then.

I wrote this thing for Pith. Don’t get me wrong–I think everyone who even remotely wants to go to college should go. I think we should be encouraging folks to go. I think it’s good for you. But I think we’re not very honest about how going to college, especially in a community where no one does, means not being a part of that community anymore.

I’m enjoying mulling over this. It kind of is a problem for any narrative form. Why does the arch-villain want the hero’s attention?