The Butcher and I went to Gabby’s for lunch. They were getting their application for Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives together. I said to the Butcher, “You know we’re going to have to take Mom & Dad here if they get on TV.”

“They’ll make us take them here if they just hear they’re trying to get on TV,” the Butcher said. “So, I hope it’s good.”

It was good! And, even though they tell you to clean up after yourself, they cleaned up after us.

I like hanging out with the Butcher. On our way home, we were talking about how, if you’re going to be a place with a line, you have to keep that line moving fast or we’d rather be at a place with a waitstaff. And I floated by the Butcher my theory that Nashville’s willingness to stand in lines is a public ritual grieving the death of Opryland–like you may take our beloved themepark from us, but you can’t stop us from recreating the queues from that themepark all over town in memorium.

The Butcher thinks it’s more that people in Nashville like to be seen and how can you be seen if you’re not standing around outside?

And then we lamented the loss of the IHOP that sat at Broadway and 21st where we used to eat lunch together when we first moved to town, which was the friendliest and sunniest and just, in general, best IHOP ever.

5 thoughts on “Gabby’s

  1. there is now an IHOP over on Elliston Place.
    Can’t speak to quality in general or in comparison to the old one because I never ate and either and because I doubt I would ever say that an IHOP is good.
    But I suspect you don’t want to go to that one anyhow. It won’t bring back old feelings and might make missing the other one worse.

  2. Glad you liked Gabby’s! That’s in walking distance from my house, but it’s hard for me to get there when they’re open. Thankfully they have some Saturday hours now. Love them.

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