Morning Things

This is my fantasy. I mean, I’ve certainly dug through things and found things I think maybe no one remembers anymore, but I found it out. But nothing of that magnitude. I hope Gregg Hecimovich is awash in happiness.

Oh lord, did you guys see this?  “‘How much stronger can you be,’ he says, ‘without using the Lord’s name in vain or offending your mother?'” Yeah, I’m sure Ramsey was just quaking in his boots at your efforts to get him to acknowledge that he’s not a big asshole and, if he came across that way, it must be Kleinheider’s fault. Oooo. How did Ramsey not crumble before that?

Also, while we’re on the subject, let me just say that pointing to three women who have learned to tolerate your abuse as evidence that you’re not abusive isn’t really convincing. It just says to me that three women have learned how to work with it. That’s a pretty common skill women develop, sadly.

The fact that “Beyond, Behind, Below” has a home is getting more real by the day. Here’s the table of contents and it sounds like we’re just a couple of weeks away from seeing it live. I love this story. It’s both a lot like what I usually write–the past weighs in on the present, some woman loved a charming fucker, etc.–and really different from how I write. Just the pacing of the sentences is such that it reads a lot slower than most things I write. And then, it’s kind of written in these tiny loops. You approach something. You approach it from a different direction. You approach something else. Maybe you come back to the first thing. You move on to a third. I wanted you to feel like you were both getting a really close look at things and never quite able to see the things you need to see. It’s an incredibly violent story  There’s at least ten tragic deaths (ha, “Ten Tragic Deaths” would be a good name for something). But you never get to see them happen, even though, I hope, by the end, you’re both glad you didn’t have to see them and you can’t help but feel like, if you had, you might have prevented the last few.

Anyway, I’m not sure of its quality, but I’m really proud of it. I think it has a kind of crushing momentum to it. I’m curious to see what you think.


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  1. Yes, “The Bondwoman’s Narrative” turning out to be written by a woman named Bond — meaning that she got to announce her authorship, but in a covert way — made me really happy. It’s a terrific piece of historical detection and I’m looking forward to the book.

  2. That was my favorite part! That she left all these little clues in the hope that someone might put them together–her name, her fake last name being the name of people she knew. I mean, it makes you hope there’s an afterlife just so she knows her riddle was solved.

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