This Afternoon

I was up all night because the dog barfed in my bed. I consider this to be both her fault and mine. Though, looking back, I’m not sure what I could have done differently. The thing was that I don’t have another mattress pad so I couldn’t make the bed until the mattress pad was dry. That took forever. And I’d just washed the sheets! Ugh.

Anyway, just as I was getting in bed, I was overcome by sneezing fits.

And lo and behold, I’ve felt like shit all day today.

I went out to nap in the hammock for a while and something woke me up. In my head was the phrase “strange spirits walk the land.”

Like that’s what I’d been dreaming, I guess, though I don’t remember dreaming.

It creeped me out, though, and I had to come inside.