My Secret Love

There’s a guy who drives by TSU every day about the same time I drive by TSU who has this beautiful Jaguar, one of the older X series. It’s white, so I always, at first, think it’s a cop car, but then it comes up behind me with its round headlights that give shape to the whole front of the car and the little jaguar hood ornament and I am always hit with this wave of covetousness. I don’t even know if I could afford the insurance on a car like that, let alone to ever own one. But my god, maybe I could just wash it.

It does make me wonder, when I see the newer models, why they’re so butt ugly and ordinary looking.

If I ever drive a Jaguar, I want the whole world to know it. I want it to be all round edges and luxury and Alfred driving me back to Wayne Manor.

I kind of like the new XKs, but there’s no hood ornament. Do they not know how important that is for my envying?

3 thoughts on “My Secret Love

  1. The Equalizer(80’s/90’s tv show) with Edward Woodward. He drove a lovely black Jaguar and I always sigh when I see one. And of course a Jag needs a hood ornament. It’s just not right without one.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, think about all the times you’d be taking public transportation to work because it’s in the shop all the time. They break down a LOT. An import dealer friend told me absolutely not to get one.

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