Because It’s a Weird, Good Day

A cop just came by and told me Heard Library is haunted and that he hates going in there and that, whenever there’s an alarm call in the middle of the night, he’s praying that it is someone, because knowing that it probably isn’t is the worst.

And he said that he’s been in there playing “Chase the unseen thing that keeps setting off the alarms.”

And my god, what if this just becomes a habit, where guys tell me ghost stories out of the blue? First at that party and now just sitting here at my desk.

Consider the Black, Gray, and White Afghan

jess 2

It just occurred to me that “What’s black and white and re(a)d ll over?” doesn’t really make sense as a joke anymore. So, that’s kind of depressing.

Anyway, here’s my favorite thing about this afghan, even as I am not very far into it. If you look to the right of the pile, you’ll see two medium grays–one big and one small. In this picture, as in real life, I can’t immediately see that those are different colors. If I stare at it long enough, I can finally tell that the smaller gray has more green in it. To the Butcher, those grays look very different and he has no problem distinguishing between them.

But to me, the three whites look very different. The one on the left being the most “off-white,” with a real tannish tinge that makes me a little nervous about using it in the blanket, for fear it won’t look right, the one in the middle being a softer, off-white, and the one on the right being a crisp pure white. The Butcher thinks they all look almost the same and cannot, at all, see a difference between the middle one and the one on the right.

I cannot tell you how much I love the idea of making an afghan and knowing that, whatever blanket I’m seeing is probably different than the blanket you’re going to see. I mean, I know it’s a common stoner question–“What if the color I see as green is not the color you see as green, man?” But in this case, it’s pretty easy to prove that different people are going to see different things when they look at it.

I’m curious, though I don’t have the black lined up next to it, if people will have similar issues differentiating between the black and the charcoal gray tucked in there on the end.