Woooooooo Awoooooo

I’m getting really excited about October.

Let’s recap the exciting things.

Witches all month long, including some guest witches.

“Beyond, Behind, Below” comes out on the 1st (I think the 1st).

I read to some 4th graders a ghost story about farts on the 4th.

I read to folks in East Nashville at some cool community thingy on the 6th.

Southern Festival of Books is the 11th-13th. I plan on spending my day in the booth (Friday, if you’re around), crocheting the dark color squares in my afghan, because I am old and cannot see to do them in my evenings in the living room.

I read at Mad Donna’s at 7 p.m. on October 15th. Please, please, please come.

I’m having coffee with one of the Project X artists at some point.

I’m spending some time with my dead folks. Don’t know which nine days, but some.

Then it’s the Butcher’s birthday on the 30th, then Halloween!