I Love Bob Corker’s Hair

Bob Corker

I’m sad to say that this picture from Talking Points Memo does not even begin to do justice. It gives you an idea, but you really have to see it on video to appreciate that, finally, someone is bringing back the hairstyles of the fiery 19th century politician.  It’s not at John C. Calhoun levels (though, really whose could be?), but Henry Clay‘s got nothing on him.

I am sad knowing this hair cannot possibly last.


7 thoughts on “I Love Bob Corker’s Hair

  1. Beth, if I have to chose between his voice and Ted Cruz’s, I’m going to pick Corker every time. I was just saying to the Butcher that, even if he were a viable candidate (meaning, even if he hadn’t already pissed off big funders), Cruz could never run for president and win because his voice is so grating.

  2. I have been trying, ever since you first showed that photo, to think of who he’s dredging up in the recesses of my history-minor brain.

    And I immediately thought ol’ AJ because of that sharp nose, but no. It kept nagging at me.

    James K. Polk? A little bit, maybe.

    And then … our old friend Sam Houston, he of the suppurating crotch wound?

    Bingo. Check it. Though I would not wish said wound on anybody, even if I do strongly disagree with him.

  3. He does have Sam Houston hair! Maybe this is Corker signalling that he’s getting ready to get drunk and run off and live with the Cherokee.

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