Star Wars

I often joke about being ruined, simply ruined, by Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Where is my snarky, experienced, scholarly, bad-assed rogue, world? Where? I think a lot of women my age who like boys were pretty fundamentally shaped by those two archetypes. So, I kind of buy this idea that boys my age might have learned something about fathers who can’t cut it for you from Star Wars.

I definitely think we have better fathers as a proportion of the population of fathers now than we had when I was growing up. I don’t know if Star Wars is responsible, but I also don’t know how to completely account for it. In some ways, I credit divorce–not just are you better off and more likely to be happy not being stuck in a shitty marriage, but I think a lot of our fathers learned they could do things they’d been foisting off on women and we learned from them all kinds of new ways for dads to be happy in the world. But that doesn’t seem like it can be all of it.

3 thoughts on “Star Wars

  1. This post is, by far, the most fabulous AND eloquent read, in a very long time. Hat tip to YOU, my new ironic friend! Stumbled upon your site looking for …. er, um … cat capris (soooh not kidding, but there’s a totally rational if not eccentric reason … Halloween, okay?).

  2. Ha ha!! There truly is nothing funnier than tiny cat pants, even on Halloween. Amy, that’s awesome.

    B., I concur with Amy. Great post. I’m with you on the ambivalence about the influence of pop culture icons. Maybe I’m just not willing to give Spielberg and Lucas that much credit. Definitely not John Hughes. There is a strong correlation, though. I think the author of the post is onto something about coming of age in the ’80s. It was truly a shitty decade in this country.

  3. I think you’re right about divorce. I wasn’t the only kid who found that the parents’ divorce meant my father actually paid attention to me sometimes after largely ignoring my existence for years.

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