Things to Read

1. I made Pith. Which is weird and lovely. God, I like those folks.

2. Joy Crelin, who publishes Betwixt, has a good interview here. I’m really happy “Beyond, Behind, Below” found a home with her.

3. Have I told you all how much I love Sleepy Hollow? It’s ridiculous and silly and sweet in a way I just love. And since Elementary is struggling a big to find its feet here in the second season, I’m glad to have a show with a bit of sweetness at its core. The recaps at IO9 are hilarious, too. “‘I CAN’T SEE YOU, ARE YOU ALL RIGHT.’ – Either one of them to the other one if, heaven forbid, there’s ever fog in this town.” I love, too, that the cast has reached out to the one black woman on the real Tarrytown police force. I hope she gets a hot time traveler to work with, if she wants one.

4. This article on James Franco is brilliant and funny–“Franco has 13 projects listed on his IMDB page that are (or are rumored to be) somewhere between concept and execution — and those are just acting. There’s also directing, writing, cinematography, and an unbilled job as the provider of morning pastries for the cast of NCIS.”