Tonight’s the Night

Mad Donna’s, 7 p.m., some band called Mr. Hazelwood that I don’t know, but I’ve been assured is wonderfully creepy, and me. Outside if it’s dry, upstairs if it’s raining.

I’m reading three bits (or planning on it, I guess. I’m going to run through them this afternoon and might just do two, to keep at the fifteen minute limit). One is an excerpt from Project X, a kind of update on what the Devil who lives on Lewis Street has been up to since that story. It clarifies some things–like he’s a devil, not the Devil. It obscures some other things–why isn’t he telling the girl he used to be married to Elizabeth? If you know the first story (which I’m also planning on reading), I think the second piece is a treat, but ominous in ways that it won’t be for other readers.

Anyway, it should be cool.