Cheerful, Inspite of Itself

I had imagined the black, gray, and white afghan like some kind of giant wing from a mottled raven or like storm clouds–dark.

But I’m tucking ends as we speak and I’m really afraid it’s going to be very white. I did just 24 rows down, but that means that nine of those rows are whites–white, off white, and off off white. It really feels like it’s half the blanket. Which, I know, it’s not quite, but ugh. I am worried that it’s going to end up feeling mostly white nd not well-balanced.

But I’m also excited to be tucking ends. And I keep reminding myself that the magic is going to be in the red, which should really stand out, amazingly, between the squares.

And, fuck it. If the whole thing looks hideous, I’ll just make her a different one.

2 thoughts on “Cheerful, Inspite of Itself

  1. I believe that despite my strenuous efforts to the contrary, I’m still more dirty-white than sleek black. You may be on to something.

  2. The more time I spend staring at the squares as I tuck their ends, the more I’m convinced that this is either going to be incredibly cool when it’s done or really bland. There’s not going to be any middle ground. It will either work how I hope it will or it’s really not going to work.

    But I’m excited to see how it comes together and how the red works.

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