Me and the Methodists

The United Methodist Reporter, which, weirdly enough, is something I grew up reading in the bathroom, asked me to write some more about the ugliness of the United Methodist Publishing House building. So, I did. But it ended up being about more than that.

I feel weird about it. I told Jay, the editor, that I didn’t want to write something that fell into the dynamic of “Here’s how you’ve wronged me, Church!” where it seems like the complainer wants the church to beg them to come back, because they’ll change, they promise, they’ll change.

I don’t want to come back. But, as I get older, I find myself wanting to be at peace with the Church. As I grow stranger from it, it’s easier to see its good parts. But I am growing into a stranger from it.

Oh well, anyway, I hope it doesn’t hurt my dad’s feelings.


One thought on “Me and the Methodists

  1. Wonderful article.

    In his book ‘From Bauhaus to Our House, Tom Wolfe criticizes this sort of architecture as inspired by European influences which favored a sort of image of efficiency and uniformity that favored mass production over highly individualized buildings that required greater expense and spoke to class distinctions. I just think it is bland, spirt-crushing and the sort of thing that would be found all over Oceania.

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