Guest Witch Observation: MY FIRST BLACK HAT by Helen Huntington

Helen sent me this in an email and I so loved the idea of making your own shade being a kind of witchcraft that I asked her if I could include it. Obviously, she agreed.

My First Black Hat

By Helen Huntington

I had a black fedora when I was a teenager (what can I say, it was the 80s). When anyone else put it on, it looked like a fedora. When I put it on, it looked like a witch’s hat. Maybe it was trying to tell me something, a sort of Sorting Hat.

I’d forgotten about the First Black Hat. Many years later, I now wear big black hats all the time for sun protection. Depending on what else I am wearing, sometimes people think I look a little witchy. I think if witchiness is moving with nature by wearing portable shade rather than against nature by smearing chemicals on my face that give me a rash in the hope of preventing skin cancer, then sign me up as a witch.