The Afghan Hits a Snag

Two things lead me to believe I may not finish the black, white, and gray afghan. One is that I don’t have enough red to finish it. I have enough red to come very close to finishing it, but not actually putting on a border or, perhaps, securing the last row. I have ordered some more red, though, so this isn’t the project-stopping roadblock it might appear.

No, here is the thing that’s preventing me from finishing the afghan. I’m very close to being done. Just six more rows and then the border. This means that, to properly work on it, I have to spread it over my lap and let it drape over my knees. Last night, the Butcher asked me if I was crocheting or napping and I realized that I didn’t know.

I was, perhaps, crochapping or napcheting?

What I do know is that the afghan isn’t even done and the lure of napping under it is so strong that it may prevent the finishing of it. On the one hand, I am deeply pleased to have made an afghan so conducive to napping. On the other hand, the thought of the Butcher having to box it up unfinished and send it to Jess with a warning written on the outside of the box so that she doesn’t try to wrap up in the afghan while driving or trying to do her taxes, while I fight him for just a few more minutes in its comforting warmth makes me worried that I’m making an afghan too powerful in its napping to safely exist in the world.


3 thoughts on “The Afghan Hits a Snag

  1. This is perfect. Almost Lovecraftian. The afghan of somnolence! Dare not to touch its deceptively soft corner, friend, lest you sleep…forever!!!

  2. Yes! I’m imagining it making its way through the Illinois countryside. “Ethel, someone has left this afghan for us. Let’s just curl up together on the couch under it.” and they were never seen alive again!!

    The part I find most mysterious is that they’re granny squares, which means they’re riddled with holes. How can something riddled with holes keep you warm? Why doesn’t all the hot air escape out the holes?

    Where is a physicist when we need one?!

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