Well, That Went Well

I’m really happy with how the witches turned out. I had a few duds, but it was a strange summer and I got started late. And I really like the good ones, so it balances out.

Thanks again to the guest witches–Jess, W., Helen, Beth, and Lora–because I know it takes a lot of guts to put your work in front of an audience and I really, really appreciate you being willing to share that stuff with us. Plus, oh my god! They were so good! I hope it gave you a thrill, too.

So, that’s another October full of spooky shit here at Tiny Cat Pants. Thanks to everyone for reading along and commenting.

I love you guys. But you know that.


2 thoughts on “Well, That Went Well

  1. I must have missed the duds because I didn’t notice any. I would have commented that I liked every one of them, but most of the time I was mulling them over and then there’d come another one. So I’d get distracted some more.

    So good job all!

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