The Things that Trip Me Up

I think that, because she died how I hoped she would, in some ways, Sadie’s death has been fairly easy to deal with. I’m sad, but not devastated.

But sometimes, it’s really terrible, just for a second. And it’s always at the moments when I’m like “Oh, crap, I dropped that. Well, Sadie will eat it.” or “What was that noise? Well, I’m sure if it’s a psycho killer, Sadie will bark.” It’s those seconds when I forget that she’s dead and then it becomes real all over again that really suck.

Fortunately, they’re few and far between, but I hate them.

2 thoughts on “The Things that Trip Me Up

  1. I’m grateful to you for sharing these stories. I always enjoyed your stories of living with Sadie, and I’m touched by your stories of living without her. I have an outrageously old cat, and I worry a lot how I’ll do when she goes – which could be anytime. Your reflections are comforting.

  2. I had a dog who’s back legs stopped working about 2 years before she died. She was okay with it, except she wanted to be where I was and would bark to remind me to come get her.

    Sara kept barking for two months after she died. Just little edge of hearing barks so it wasn’t disturbing, except in the constant reminder that she was gone.

    So yeah, it’s the reminders that are hard…

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