Some Weird Club I Accidentally Joined

Sadie was not even cold when the first person said to me, “We deal with a lot of rescue organizations. When you’re ready for another dog, let us know.” I know Sadie wasn’t cold, because she was still on my couch, wrapped in an old purple quilt. That weekend, when someone tried to tell me about how great pit bulls were, I said that I knew, I used to have one and they said, “Keep us in mind when you’re ready for another one.”

If you are, demonstrably, not a jerk to pit bulls, someone is always looking to hand you one.

I’m not ready. At all.

I was thrilled that the Butcher’s dog-friend came by this morning (and can we just talk for a second about how that dude lost the genetic lottery. This is what they tell you a labradoodle looks like. The Butcher’s dog-friend looks like a very narrow lab. No curly hypo-allergenic hair. Just a two-dimensional black lab. He turns front on and you can’t see him. He doesn’t seem to be non-smelly and I doubt he’s hypoallergenic. But that must happen often–that you get a labradoodle that takes more after the lab part, but he’s the only one I’ve seen.) but after he left, I just felt kind of drained. Like how could we go through all this again?

But man, it hurts my heart to know there are so many good dogs out there looking for homes.

Think Progress Pieces

Oh, I suck. I should be linking to my Think Progress pieces. Okay, here we go.

I wrote about Elementary.

I wrote about Jesse Babcock Ferguson.

I wrote about the line from Sid Hemphill to Valerie June.

And I wrote about “Long Black Veil.”

And while doing all that, I’m writing a piece on the history of Thanksgiving in Nashville and doing my Pith blogging. You can see why I’m a little frazzled. But the Thanksgiving thing is sad and hilarious, so I hope that works out.

Ugh, Week, Ugh

Yesterday, my co-worker told me that I should take a vacation because I look like hell. I didn’t shout “Cramps!” but I should have. I probably took on too much trying to also blog at Think Progress this week. I’m feeling a little frazzled and like I don’t really have any downtime. But it’s fine. It’s just for the week. And then I can finally finish up the black, white, and gray afghan, which I have fallen completely and utterly in love with.

After that I have to figure out some shit with this fiction crap. I’ve got some pieces that need to be out on submission but aren’t. I’ve got to get this fucking draft of Ben & Sue done. And then I’ve got to let nm look at it and she can tell me if I have something here or if I’ve just been pounding my head against a wall for two years. I’m feeling kind of down about it, as you can tell. I just want the damn thing done, even if it’s done and sits on the harddrive and never becomes anything. I just want it done.

And the Butcher’s dog friend is here! I can’t even be mopey and introspective because a dog has come to visit us!